When it comes to fortune, I believe that most of the people of the world believe in this word. Well, if I say majority instead of most at least then I won’t be saying wrong. Anyways, today I’ll be talking about the same kind of incident that happened with me. Actually I am kin of a person who stays confused whether to believe in luck fortune, some supreme power or not.

Till today I was kind of inclined towards not believing it, but this last week incident changed my perception entirely. It all started when I went to this club with one of my office friend an there was this girl who suggested me that I must play the fairy ring slot, and then only I can make some money out of it.  And later my friend said that she is kind of a wizard.

Anyways, when I back home I thought of giving a try, so I read the facts about this pokie and I came to know that it is a is a traditional style slot machine that comes  with few reels and pay lines, few special features, and a small variety of available wager sizes.

After that I make the download of the app and started playing it on my android mobile phone. And you won’t believe as soon as I started played I hit the jackpot with my very first spin and I really couldn’t believe my eyes and I continued to do so and make hell of money that very night, this particular incident made me believe in good luck, best wishes, supreme power and so on. And all thanks to that girls who gave me this suggestion, and I would certainly try be a full time gambler and make the best out of it.