One day when I was going to my cousin home via train. A person was deeply engage in his mobile. I was curious to ask him but hesitate, at last I asked him. ‘What are you playing? In what you are so busy?’ he told me that I was playing a fruitful slot machine sport named as Cashapillar. I asked him more about it. He told me that it is a micro gaming pokies. It is well designed by web designers for playing real money and also for fun without money.

But in the mid of conversation, my station arrived. So I had to go. He told me about how to find more about this adventure. While reaching home I share details to my cousin and he also agreed to play it. In evening we looked for more, and finally reached a web page of casino that have reviews, demo videos and also provide online slot machine to free play.

In first premier of 2011, it was best game that offer punt on approx. 100 pay lines.  It featured with 3d graphics and available as a mobile apps for users to easily access the sport by a single click on iPad or other. The increase of pay lines is also an advantage of winnings percentage. After reading all this we started to play and enjoy a lot in it.

We pick from two values and bet in between one or ten coins for each line. Firstly we bet on $0.25 and maximum was $20 per pay line. After a moment we are fully excited after spinning and pray to jackpot. The largest jackpot that we can win $40,000. We didn’t get it but achieved a small reward of $5000.

I like it very much. My friends also agreed with me. We share it to other friends and they also like it and when they get free time. They usually like to perform this activity.