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Fruit vs. Candy Slots

Many players prefer open gameplays and prefer to avoid fixed pay lines. Fruit vs. Candy by Microgaming is an excellent option for those who love sweets and are among them. This video slot will allow you to play your favorite game and also give you access to some original features.

Fruit vs. Candy requires you to choose between two different game modes and take some risk to unlock 50 free spins. Fruit vs. Candy’s basic paytable is also quite generous. If you like low- to medium-volatility slots, you will love the 96.15% RTP. This can make each spin into a chance of hitting the jackpot. Our review will tell you more about this game.

Do not forget to floss

Fruit vs. Candy has a vibrant background with a purple and green color scheme. It features a set of simple reels and a command panel underneath. The game has fewer details than other Microgaming slot games and uses classic fruit symbols to decorate the reels and surrounding them.

We are dealing with a simple but eye-catching game that Microgaming is known for. Fruit vs. Candy may not be the most exciting game, but its high-energy and sweet vibe matches the name.

Raising Your Blood Sugar

Fruit vs. Candy’s five reels offers 243 ways to win, making your job as a gamer even easier. You can choose a bet between 0.30 and 4.50 credits, then spin the reels whenever you are ready. The autoplay feature can be activated whenever you want to speed up the game. Otherwise, Fruit vs. Candy has all the classic elements of a slot game.

Fruit vs. Candy is advertised as a game with a medium level of volatility, but we found it quite generous. We could score dozens of small prizes very early in the game. The symbols in the paytable are easy to combine and can trigger many rewards. They include gummy bears and Candy, fresh fruit slices, and card icons. If you want to increase your chances of winning big, it is best to bet as much as you can.

Choose a side

Fruit vs. Candy relies heavily on random bonuses that require you to do nothing but keep the reels turning. Goodie Bags, for example, may appear and award you with random cash prizes. Sugar Rush is another option to reward you with a small tip for each symbol on the reels, except for the card symbols.

Fruit vs. Candy allows you to choose between the two modes simultaneously. You will not notice any difference between the two modes during the base game. As soon as three scatters appear on the screen, everything changes. In the fruit mode, you can continue playing as long as card icons are on the net. Candy mode will gradually turn the reels wild as you play. The greatest number of spins you can win in either case is 50.

Classics are not so classic. After all Fruit vs. Candy has a simple theme, but the gameplay is incredibly dynamic and unique. Two game modes bring about some subtle differences. We should have included two different pay tables to complement the change.

Fruit vs. Candy has a similar bonus structure to Microgaming Golden Princess, but the graphics are more straightforward, and the game is faster.