I believe there is no need to ask, you all must have heard about the fantastic five. Yes I am talking about the team of five best superheroes that fight against the evil and save the world unconditionally. And today I will be telling you the slot that is based on the same theme that will save your saving s and will help you make your wishes come true.

Yes, here I am talking about the fantastic 7 casino slot here, since it carries the nostalgia look it will remind you of the golden time when you used to watch the superhero cartoon of fantastic  5. It is a classic Micro gaming online casino slot that uses a sevens theme. And it also features just 3 reels and a single pay line. Apart from this the Players may also bet up to three coins on each spin, with a maximum coin size of 5 Dollars.

So I too decided to try this vintage slot last week and it turned out that it’s still fascinating as it used to be. I still remember the time when it was first introduced and I was so excited to play it that I brought the credits in pretty excess and then gave it to all my friends. But this time I held my patience and bought just enough for me, and to buy the credits I used my PayPal account. As the games come with many exciting features I was pretty sure that my money won’t be going in waste and I will make full use of it. And I turned out that I made three consecutive jackpots with it and I think it’s the best record of mine till now and I am certainly looking forward to break it in future to win tons of real money.