I believe there is no need to ask, you all must have heard about the fantastic five. Yes I am talking about the team of five best superheroes that fight against the evil and save the world unconditionally. And today I will be telling you the slot that is based on the same theme that will save your saving s and will help you make your wishes come true.

Yes, here I am talking about the fantastic 7 casino slot here, since it carries the nostalgia look it will remind you of the golden time when you used to watch the superhero cartoon of fantastic  5. It is a classic Micro gaming online casino slot that uses a sevens theme. And it also features just 3 reels and a single pay line. Apart from this the Players may also bet up to three coins on each spin, with a maximum coin size of 5 Dollars.

So I too decided to try this vintage slot last week and it turned out that it’s still fascinating as it used to be. I still remember the time when it was first introduced and I was so excited to play it that I brought the credits in pretty excess and then gave it to all my friends. But this time I held my patience and bought just enough for me, and to buy the credits I used my PayPal account. As the games come with many exciting features I was pretty sure that my money won’t be going in waste and I will make full use of it. And I turned out that I made three consecutive jackpots with it and I think it’s the best record of mine till now and I am certainly looking forward to break it in future to win tons of real money.

Fruit Cocktail 2 Slots

We proudly present another addition to the large family of old-school nostalgia games.

Fruit Cocktail 2 by Igrosoft is a video slot game based on the classic theme of casino slot machines. It features fruity icons, big wins, and an original grid. The interface is familiar and comfortable to use.

Let’s skip the preliminaries and jump right into the action of Fruit Cocktail 2 to get a complete introduction to the game’s universe.

The most classic settings you can imagine Fruit Cocktail 2 is a vintage game that does not pretend to create a virtual world.

This game is all about slots and belongs in the category of slot machine simulators. The giant slot machine occupies the entire screen with its large buttons and metallic frame.

Fruit Cocktail 2 looks boring, except for the colorful reels. Microsoft’s developers knew that many players were looking for this type of design, and they delivered.

Mix the ingredients

Fruit Cocktail 2 is a simple slot machine game with clear rules. The buttons are grouped at the bottom for convenience.

The game matrix consists of 5 rotations, with three symbols per each at the end. In total, there are only nine pay lines to choose from. You can win cash rewards based on combinations on the pay lines. Use the bet buttons to change your wager and the line shortcuts for activating as many pay lines as you wish.

You can play a mini-card game after each successful spin. If you win, your rewards will be doubled. However, if you lose all your coins immediately, your bonus will also be removed. You only have one option, and it’s all based on chance.

Vitamin-Rich Menu

Fruit Cocktail 2’s paytable contains a variety of fruits you can line up to earn cash.

The most common and least valuable symbols are watermelons, lemons, and pears. Apples, grapes, and oranges are the following symbols.

The symbols can be arranged in five different ways to trigger a payout. You can win small rewards with only 4 or 3 symbol combinations. The best combinations are those that contain five identical icons. Check out the paytable for the various possibilities. The highest reward is 5,000 coins for a five-grape combination.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Fruit Cocktail 2’s last two symbols are unique. These symbols help you win even bigger prizes during the game. All you hold to do is use them correctly when they appear.

The fantastic card in the game is the Joker symbol. It can be used to supersede any other character except for the grapes. The Joker combination is the second most valuable in the game. It can be worth up to 2000 coins.

The game matrix transforms into a 3-reel layout, and you’ll have to try and match the characters running around the edges of the screen with those on the reels to form pairs and win the jackpot. A bonus round intention be triggered if you land three or better anywhere on the reels. The cocktail, which is also a scatter symbol and can be arranged anywhere on the screen, is the final bonus symbol.

A Healthy Mix

Fruit Cocktail 2 appears and feels similar to any other vintage-style slot machine game featuring a fruity theme. In many ways, this is what the game is.

The original grid layout and the fun bonus games complete it stand out from the rest, and with good reason. Forget your preconceived notions and give Fruit Cocktail 2 an attempt.