Slots can be found in many different shapes and sizes, but they all follow the same rules. Some games are so unique that they create a new category.

Hexaline by Microgaming falls into the second category of original inventions. This video slot is built around unique gameplay and sleek graphics, which bring many new elements to the game. This game has enough to surprise even experienced players. Therefore, any potential gambler should be given a good introduction.

Check out our full review of Hexaline and learn how to play this unique game.

Slot Games: Forget about Most of What You Know

Hexaline is a brand-new slot game that introduces new rules and gameplay. This is evident when the game launches in online casinos powered by Microgaming.

The game’s screen is covered with an odd-looking grid supporting the game’s hexagram symbols. The background is dark and sleek with sci-fi aesthetics, which makes the colorful hexagrams pop out.

You will discover the paytable, game rules, and a command bar on both sides of your screen. Hexaline is a slot game that looks and feels different. We like it.

Cascading Hexagrams

Hexaline is also a standout amongst slot machines in its basic gameplay. Let’s look at a typical game turn to see what the players can expect.

The total number of tiles is 18, divided into 4 or 3 columns. Paylines are almost non-existent because consecutive symbols pay left to right, regardless of where they appear on the screen. You can alter your bet size using the command bar at the screen’s bottom right. Click the play button to begin your turn. A larger bet could lead to more significant rewards for other classic slots.

After you’ve done this, the hexagrams start to fall in place with a 3D animation. The winning combinations pay a cash prize, then disappear to make room for the next hexagrams. This cascading feature allows players to win more at every turn.

Bright colors and big wins

Hexaline’s symbols are elementary to recognize. If you are in doubt, watch your paytable on the right side of the screen.

The players can only collect five different hexagrams during the game. These hexagrams are available in purple, green, yellow, red, and blue. Hexaline is a slot game with a straightforward design.

The longer the combination, the greater your reward. The symbol’s value depends on your bet, but the prize displayed on the paytable corresponds to only one hexagram. You can win big if you get a complex and lengthy combination.

Hexagrams with Added Value

Hexaline has two additional symbols that can change the game’s outcome as soon as you see them on the screen. Take a look at the game to find out what’s in store.

Wild hexagrams are a standard feature in slot games. This multicolored symbol will replace all other hexagrams to help complete a long, incomplete combination. Wild hexagrams also have the highest value in the game.

The bonus element is triggered by landing three bonus hexagrams following a cascade. You must choose one of the hexagrams to advance back and forth on the screen. You can play until you reach the end symbol or flip over all of the tiles. Each step is worth a cash prize.

A Unique Gaming Experience

Hexaline brings a breath of fresh air to the market for slot games. It is a simple but rich game that can instantly transform colorful symbols into considerable wins. Hexaline’s unique gameplay may disorient you, but it is a great slot game.

Try Hexaline if you’re looking for a new slot game.

High Five Slot

Retro slot machines can have multiple bonus games hidden behind their superficial appearance. We’ll introduce it if you need to become more familiar with High Five.

The Microgaming team initially designed this video slot, and it follows the rules of classic slot machines. Refrain from judging this game too quickly; it has some tricks that will make it stand out in a good way.

Please review our High Five review to learn more about the main features. You may be surprised at what you find out in the end.

Classic slot machine design

High Five is a slot game that tries to mimic an old-school slot machine.

The game is good at this. The background is purple and white with flashy buttons. The reels, paytable, and command bar take up most of the screen.

High Five is not a game that creates a particular universe. It’s content to look like any other slot machine at the local pub or casino.

Start the game by pressing the buttons

High Five is a game accessible to beginners and a broad audience.

The game matrix can’t be more straightforward: three reels with a single payline in the middle. You must land as many winning symbols on the payline as possible to be eligible for cash prizes. You can modify your bet by using the command bar. Select how many coins to wager on your next turn. The remaining buttons will allow you to select your coin value. You can wager up to three coins. You can get different rewards depending on how much you bet. You can check out your current position by using the interactive paytable.

Clicking the button for bet maximum or auto spin will speed up the process. You can bet the maximum amount or turn on the auto spin mode to bet several consecutive spins.

There are many combinations to choose between

High Five’s paytable focuses on all the combinations you can make during the game. It will light up as you play to let you know what rewards are available.

The basic symbols are Cherry, bar symbols (single, double, triple), and blue and red 7s. The highest payouts are for combinations of the same type of symbol. A triple blue seven on a payline can be worth up to 180x your stake.

You can also create mixed combinations. You can mix cherries with other symbols to get a small prize, or bar signs in all sizes on the same payline can still yield a modest reward. It is important to remember that a mixed seven combination is worth 120x your bet.

The game’s name is derived from the special symbol

High Five’s final reel symbol is the most valuable and has some unique features that players can use. We’ll find out what these mysterious symbols are all about.

Combinations of these colorful five symbols can be worth up to 5000 times the amount you put on the table. This is enough to explode your credit in an instant.

The five symbols can also be used as wild cards to replace any other symbols on the reels. Combinations with wilds have their value multiplied five times, while two wilds combined with another symbol will trigger a bonus of x25.

Come for simplicity, but stay for big wins.

High Five is an example of a simple, classic-style slot machine game that keeps things interesting for players by providing good gameplay and some bonus features.

The holy grail combines fives, so keep your eyes on the prize and try to get a few to win. Some mixed combinations can also trigger bonuses and will count.