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2 Nov 09: The Philip Johnston website has, you may well have noted, not received much attention over the past 4 years. However, you as visitors keep coming back at the rate of over 250 000 page impressions each year. There must be some good reason for it!

So, to highlight a few areas of enduring interest:

Central European History, 1989-1993 > it is twenty years since the Berlin Wall fell and the continent of Europe could begin to heal the wounds of division of the Cold War. Read day by day history of the events as they happened.

For those who remember or care, is now revived and hosted here as a subsite - if UKJS then view IKJS.!

Most recent site updates are listed on the updates page

Sections and subsites

Quotations is by far the most popular section of the site but don't forget to check the book lists from which many of the quotations originate.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and general military areas, particularly Been.At/Sandhurst's 'RMAS Reunited' is a key attraction. is now established as a 700 page portal to resources on the history of the RAF in Lincolnshire, otherwise known as Bomber County.

CombatCat does Baghdad!
click the pic!

Currently serving in Waddington, Air Command, Ramstein, Al Udeid (Qatar), Bastion, Gutersloh and in the joint environment!


The selection of pages below is compiled from user statistics and is also to draw your attention to ongoing site improvements. For a full guide to what is on the site, consult the sitemap.

Most popular pages :

If this isn't the site you were looking for, why not consult my mini-guide to the Philip Johnstons on the World Wide Web

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